Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pink it is! A bridal shower cupcake.

When I was asked by my friend Vilma to make cupcakes for her office mate Lizs' surprise bridal shower, I was ecstatic to the roof! It's been a while since I was commissioned (paid) to make cupcakes, so the pressure is on -- I love it when my creativity is challenged, yet, there's also the fear of failure.

I usually ask the client what flavor they want and the general idea of what they expect. Funny, my clients are usually easy, they let me know of the (cup)cake flavor and I usually am left to be creative with it. In this case, Vilma made it even easier on me, her only requirement is that it has to be pink! So pink it is!

To the drawing board--

Bridal shower.
Classy Chic.
White cupcake liners, so I can dress the cupcakes however I want. Pink batter/cupcakes to contrast with the white frosting. Pink and white fondant flowers maybe? Some tulle? Pink ribbons? Yay! I can't wait to make them!

And the day came --

I left the office early, skipped my afternoon run, ate dinner in a hurry (had the last of the Anadama bread with lots of nutella), cleaned-up and by 6PM, I was baking the first batch of cupcakes! But alas! For some reason I cannot comprehend, the cupcake goddesses are not smiling at me or with me today. Four (4) hours, 2 batches of cake batter and 72 cupcakes in the trash after, it's 10 PM and I have no cupcakes. I started crying. I don't get it! I am using a tried and tested recipe, yet they are not coming out right! Is it the music? Is it because I wasn't listening to Basia or Carlos Jobim tonight-- did the cupcakes not like Kanye West or Lady Gaga? Is it because I used the oven to make oven friend chicken last night? I did clean it properly after!

I decided to make a pot of coffee... It's gonna be a long night....

I change the music to Carlos Jobim, I turned off the oven and re-started it after 10 minutes and whispered a little prayer to the cupcake goddesses. I didn't know what made it work, but everything came out right after -- cupcakes, frosting, fondant flowers and decorations, except for the fact that I got burned every now and then from the glue gun I was using to attach the tulle and ribbons. But then again, after the ordeal I went through earlier, some blisters in my fingers is really not that bad.
At 3:30 AM, I finished cleaning up the kitchen. I opened the reefer once again to admire the cupcakes. I did smile, and I know this time, the cupcakes goddesses are smiling at with and with me.
To Liz, the future bride, wishing you today for the happiest kind of tomorrows!

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