Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kombucha: It’s spring and it’s growing, let’s toast to that!

Strawberry Kombucha with White Chia Seeds
Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented tea beverage made from a base of bacteria and yeast called SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).  It is said to have originated in Asia (Russia and China) and Kombucha enthusiasts claim it’s a tonic for digestion and a boost for the immune system.

Grape Kombucha
with White Chia Seeds
I was introduced to Kombucha when I was in the San Francisco Bay Area (no surprise there) this winter.  We walked to a Natural Organic Grocery and ordered it on tap, hah!  I’m not one for health fads, but I instantly fell in love with the extremely tangy taste.  I thought to myself that it’s a good and acceptable way to get my fix when I crave vinegar or pickle juice, he-he.  So imagine my excitement when Sandra of Melody Lane Coop offered to teach Kombucha making.  Since I am a fan for all things DIY (do-it-yourself), I trekked to Roswell that fateful Thursday amidst rush hour.  Plus I hate to pay $4 a pop for a bottle or $10 for a 64 oz. growler at Whole Foods.
If you are in the Atlanta area and want to start making your own Kombucha, give me a holler and I’ll give you a “mother”.

6 cups of distilled water,  4 bags of organic oolong tea or 
2 T organic Matcha Green Tea, 1/2 cup organic sugar, 
1/2 cup kombucha starter tea 
and Kombucha mother/mushroom/SCOBY
Steep tea in hot water, add and dissolve sugar using wooden spoon and 
let it cool to room temperature (below 80 degrees).
Add the starter tea and the mother/mushroom/SCOBY
Cover with a breathable material - coffee filter or a piece of cloth.
Place in a dark, ventilated place.
Wait 5-10 days.  The mushroom might float or sink; either way, it's okay.
(What's not okay is if it starts growing mold.)  Notice the thin layer
growing/floating on top-- that's the new mushroom aptly called "baby".
Around the 5th day, you are ready to taste your Kombucha.  If too sour, reduce the brewing cycle. If too sweet, allow to brew a few more days.  Continue to taste everyday until you come to a taste that's right for you.  Ideally, you want the PH to test below 3.0.  This will ensure that there is no likelihood of pathogens or molds to happen.

You don't have to flavor your kombucha;  I prefer mine plain.  To add flavor, add a handful of preferred flavoring.  You can play around and use various fresh, frozen and dried fruits, or use your favorite herb or spices - ginger with a splash of lemon juice is really amazing or add your favorite juice.  You must do this after brewing and have removed the SCOBY.  Cover and let it sit in room temperature for another day or two, then it's ready to bottle and refrigerate.

Enjoy!  It is recommended that you start off with 2-4 oz up to 3x a day.


  1. Hi Cecille, I live in East Cobb/Roswell too and would love to start making kombucha tea (grew up in former Soviet Union and it was one of my favorite drinks). If you have a mother to share, please let me know. My cell is 678-467-1687.

  2. Hello Cecille, I live in the Atlanta area and very interested in making my own Kombucha tea. Your instructions appear are easy to follow. If possible, I would love a mother! Please contact me at Thank you!

  3. Do you have any extra scobys? :)

  4. Cecille,I was talking to a friend who took a cooking class with you and she mentioned you had some kombucha. I'm interested in starting my own tea and would love a mother. Please contact me at

  5. Hi! I'm so excited to see someone making kombucha with matcha. I hope this isn't a ridiculous question but in your recipe, does 2 T mean two teaspoons or two tablespoons? I can't wait to try this.

    Great blog!

  6. Hey there! Thank you for the article! My name is Fiona and I live in the Atlanta area too and I've been looking around everywhere for a mother (I go to school in Montreal and I'd hate to grow my own mother only to abandon it before brewing anything and moving back). Please let me know if you've still got some to share! My email is

  7. Hi! This is a great blog! Thank you for sharing these pictures and writing about the kombucha! I wonder if you still have the kombucha? I want to give it a try. My email is Thank you very much!

  8. I am looking for a scoby. I will be in Atlanta for the day today. Please contact me if you can help or tell me where to find one to purchase. Thanks!! 864-449-6064

  9. So I made your green tea kombucha using 4 Tblspoons of Matcha green tea powder in a gallon of warm water... and it is MUCH greener than yours ???

  10. Hi I need a mother and am in the metro atlanta area. So grateful of you could provide one.

  11. Hi I need a mother and am in the metro atlanta area. So grateful of you could provide one.

  12. Hi I need a mother and am in the metro atlanta area. So grateful of you could provide one.

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