Sunday, November 1, 2009

BBA Challenge: Bagels

When I think of bagels, I think of breakfast, and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. In this generation when everybody is always rushing in the morning to get their day started, we tend to limit ourselves to a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast. As I mature, I get to appreciate breakfast more and more, not only is it my way of making sure that I start my day right by getting proper sustenance, but it's the time of day where I have the whole world to myself, before the hustle and bustle sets in, I can contemplate my day in peace and quite.

I am not a bacon, eggs and pancakes person. I prefer lox and bagel anytime; there is something very comforting about lox and bagel -- chewy water bagel, creamy cream cheese, silky smoked salmon, succulent tomatoes and piquant capers... hold the onions -- I have an aversion to fresh onions. This is my ultimate comfort food, and I bet if I was pregnant, this is what I will crave for in the most unholy hours. Not to mention that it has all the components of a complete meal -- carbs, protein and fruit, plus it's filling minus the guilt.

These water bagels are perfect. It's a two day process, yet so worth it. I used honey instead of malt powder, but I will try to get a hold of malt powder the next time I make them. I would love to share the recipe in here, but I do not think I'm allowed that. I, however, recommend that if you want to get serious with breakmaking, The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart is a very good book to own and I think is a must have in one's cookbook collection. It is on my Top 3 favorite!

Adding honey to the dough

The dough -- starter, yeast, unbleached high-gluten flour, salt and honey

Kneading the dough -- throw and knead; checking the internal temperature

Shaping the bagels -- 8-in dough logs

Shaping the bagels -- wrapping the dough around the palm and back of the hand

Ready to be retarded in the refrigerator overnight

Boiling the bagels

Boiled Bagels

Sea salt-Sesame Seeds and Sea salt-Poppy Seeds



  1. Congrats on a perfect bagel! I have yet to make these and can't wait~

  2. This is an awesome recipe isn't it? I've made it twice now and now you've got me thinking of making it again...bravo!

  3. These were easy and very good. I had never made bagels before.

    Yours came out perfectly.

  4. Beautiful post - I'm enjoying your blog. We loved these bagels also. I've made them with malt powder that I ordered from King Arthur flour, but also with barley malt syrup, which is near the honey in my grocery store.

  5. They look perfect. You got me thinking about making bagels! I love them so much.