Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TWD: Sugar-topped Molasses Spice Cookies

A good indication that the holiday season has cometh to my home is when the cookie jar appears in my kitchen counter, next to the bowl of mixed nuts in the shell.

This month, what with the Thanksgiving holiday, the TWD founders gave us the flexibility to bake any of the recipes at any given Tuesday. Since I intend to bake the Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake for my Birthday (it's my birthday month!!) and the All-in-one Holiday Bundt Cake for Thanksgiving, I decided to make the Sugar-topped Molasses Spice Cookies today, just because I love Pamela from
Cookies with Boys who chose this recipe. Hugs, Pam!

I cannot resist but add candied ginger in these cookies. If you haven't tried candied ginger yet, you are missing out, well, I think, unless you agree with the brownie monster, whom I encouraged to try a piece last night, and well, he didn't like it, actually, he hated it, ha ha! Okay, fine, it's an acquired taste, but nonetheless, it's yummy if you are into this kind of stuff. I have been chewing on the "Ginger People" for years now; they taste good and they leave your breath smelling fresh. I added about 1/4 of a cup, and when baked, they did lend bites of chewy surprise in the cookies.

I also sprinkled some turbinado sugar on top of each after I flattened them to get that glisten and sugar crunch I love in a cookie.
I love how the cookies turned out. The sweetness from the molasses is obvious, yet not overpowering; I still was able to taste the ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. It was chewy, and the bites of candied ginger and crunch from the turbinado sugar added to the texture I was hoping for.
I had a couple, and saved a couple more for tomorrow. I sent the rest with the brownie monster to Piedmont Transplant Clinic since he has a doctor's visit today. I love those guys at Piedmont, they take care of us very well.
Look out for the recipe at Pam's blog, Cookies with Boys. She decided to make the Cran-Apple Crisp this week, so check back in a week or so. Also, make sure you visit the TWD blogroll to see what the TWDers are preparing in their kitchen these days.


  1. Awww, you are too kind! Thanks for baking with me this week. I just had one of these cookies and I am loving them! Glad they were a hit with you, too.

  2. Your cookies look perfect!! Great idea to add candied ginger--yummo! I made these also and loved, loved, loved them!

  3. I thot ginger would be a perfect accompaniment to these cookies. Made ginger cream for mine.

    Yours look great.

  4. I made these this week and just loved them! Yours look great!

  5. These were just so great.

    Yours look lovely.

  6. Your cookies turned out great, I have yet to try candied ginger but it sound like a great addition.
    Your cookies look great!

  7. I have not tried candied ginger but will the next time I get a chance on your recommendation.